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  1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

You get more out of the same volume of HMS compared to pumice stone: HMS is up to 30 times more durable than the pumice stone. This means less manpower for continuously putting batches of stone in the washing machines, less orders of stones, therefore less time spent for logistics.

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2. HMS Works with Cold Water

Cost-effective in every way: HMS will lower your electricity costs by completely eliminating the energy for heating water for the washing process. You save, the environment gains.

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3. Save Your Wastewater Systems

Say no to mountains of pumice stone waste: As HMS is so much more durable than pumice stone and melts so much slower, it will dramatically reduce the residue accumulated in your plant’s wastewater system. This saves you from the cleaning costs of the wastewater systems.

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4. Save the Nature

Protect our natural resources: Pumice stone is a valuable natural resource. At HMS, we are all for using the natural resources as moderately as possible. Switching from pumice stone to HMS will drastically decrease the drain on our pumice stone reserves.

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5. Make the Fast-Fashion Industry Sustainable

Hear out what the environmentalists have to say: In the wake of a widespread consumerist culture and the nearing threat of global warming on our ecosystem, HMS is striving to transform an essential part of denim production, stone washing, into a much more sustainable and environmentally-friendly process. As our team has been involved in denim production for many top fashion companies for more than a quarter of a century, we are aware that all the clothing companies are in the search of making the textile industry sustainable and environmentally-friendly. By using HMS in your stonewashing processes, you will greatly contribute to the efforts to leave a better world for our future generations. Furthermore, you will make your customers happy by offering them such a great solution to make their production process more sustainable.

Adding all these together, switching from using  pumice stone to HMS is the wisest choice for not only the environment, but also your company.

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