We all love designer clothes. Don’t we? In fact, the evergreen denim always takes the early spot on our list. And the fades are the icing on the cake.

But what if we tell you that you can design your own fades on your own denim simply with a tool?!

Isn’t that creatively exciting?

The DIY tool is none other than our brand-new HMS Designer Pen!!

Say a Creative Hi to our Awesome, Fun, and Innovative HMS Designer Pen!

The Creative Journey Awaits You!


HMS Designer Pen: The Creative Charm

The Birth of Denim Magic

It all began when a visionary customer approached us with a spark of innovation. Her idea was to empower the hands of denim enthusiasts with a tool. The concept was elegantly simple yet held the potential to redefine how people engage with their denim.

Captivated by this groundbreaking idea, we took the challenge and started pushing our boundaries. We envisioned a world where each pair of jeans becomes a medium of self-expression, where the fading process is not just an industrial task but a creative journey for every denim lover.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we crafted a DIY tool that ensures designing denim fades at home is not only accessible to all but also yields amazing results that even rival professional craftsmanship. The Pen is an ode to the limitless possibilities of creativity and denim design.

The story doesn’t end here. We even collaborated with denim designers, artists, and our visionary customer to gather insights and feedback. Rigorous testing cycles were conducted to guarantee that The Pen was foolproof, delivering consistent and high-quality results across diverse denim fabrics.


The Era of “My Denim Design”

The HMS Designer Pen ushers in the era of “My Denim Design”. This signifies the democratisation of fashion, where anyone can become a designer. You can select your favourite pair of jeans as the canvas and embark on a journey of self-expression with The Pen. Whether experimenting with subtle fades or bold designs, the process is enjoyable and each creation is a unique reflection of yours!


The Journey of Self-Expression

As already mentioned, the designing process is a journey of self-expression. Thus, The Pen is all about YOU. That’s why you are/shall be holding this creativity tool and not the industry! Fade the way you like. Because the vehicle, the journey and the destination are all yours!


About HMS Washing: The Crafter of HMS Designer Pen

HMS Washing, based in Turkey, brought a nature-loving transformation in the arena of denim washing. The Hand Made Stones (HMS) are the perfect and eco-friendly replacement for the conventional but eco-unfriendly pumice stones.

The Benefits of Hand Made Stones

Water Efficiency

HMS presents a 15-20% decrease in water consumption compared to pumice stone, owing to its distinctive composition and texture that allows effective washing with less water.

Storage Space Efficiency

In contrast to traditional pumice stones, HMS requires 60-100 times less storage space.

Stone Wear and Residue Comparison

HMS exhibits remarkable durability by maintaining its size for 60-100 hours. This is a significant improvement over the pumice’s one-hour wear.

Time-Saving Factor

The prolonged wear period of HMS (60-100 hours) saves time for denim manufacturers.

Shipping Efficiency and Environmental Impact

HMS necessitates 60-100 times lesser stone shipments than an equal amount of pumice stones, leading to reduced shipping costs and carbon footprints.

Read this in detail here.


The Final Words

Delineate “My Denim Design” With The HMS Designer Pen!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the HMS Designer Pen redefine denim fashion?

The HMS Designer Pen is a DIY tool that empowers denim enthusiasts to design their own fades at home. It redefines denim fashion by turning the fading process into a creative journey that makes denim a medium of self-expression for every individual.

How did the concept of the HMS Designer Pen originate?

The concept originated when a visionary customer approached HMS with the idea of empowering denim lovers with a tool for designing fades, resulting in the creation of the HMS Designer Pen.

Can I truly express my unique style with the HMS Designer Pen?

Definitely! The HMS Designer Pen ushers in the era of “My Denim Design,” allowing you to select your favourite pair of jeans as a canvas for self-expression. Whether experimenting with subtle fades or bold designs, the creative journey is all about you, making each creation a unique reflection of your style and personality.

How does HMS Washing contribute to the eco-friendliness of denim production?

HMS Washing introduced eco-friendly Hand Made Stones (HMS) as a replacement for conventional pumice stones. These stones lead to water efficiency, reduced storage space requirements, remarkable durability, time savings for manufacturers, and decreased environmental impact through efficient shipping.

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