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Visualize the live experience of the HMS Designer Pen at the prestigious SpaceD event hosted by Soorty Enterprises. Here, HMS Washing, the eco-friendly denim washing connoisseur, unveiled the stunning DIY tool — the HMS Designer Pen. This write-up recounts the captivating narrative of collaboration, self-expression, and the denim magic that transpired at SpaceD.

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HMS Designer Pen on a Pedestal With Soorty Enterprises

Before we describe our event, let’s introduce the key attractions!

About HMS Washing

HMS Washing, based in Türkiye, has carved a niche in denim washing and brought a nature-loving transformation. Our Hand Made Stone (HMS) is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional pumice stone, setting a new standard for sustainable denim processing.


Our Denim-Special HMS Designer Pen

Denim holds an eternal charm, and our brand-new HMS Pen adds a delightful layer to the rich experience of designing one’s own fades.

The Story of The Pen

The inception of the HMS Pen originated from a visionary customer’s desire to empower denim enthusiasts with a transformative tool. We embraced the simple concept and turned the fading process from an industrial task into a creative journey for every denim lover!


About Soorty Enterprises

Soorty Enterprises, a prominent player in Pakistan’s denim industry, boasts 35 years of manufacturing expertise in denim and jeans. The company’s global footprint spans Pakistan and Bangladesh, with research labs, innovation hubs, and offices located in Türkiye, the Netherlands, Spain, and the US.


SpaceD: The Denim Celebration of HMS Designer Pen!

About SpaceD

SpaceD is Soorty’s purpose-driven creativity hub located in Manhattan, New York. At SpaceD, Soorty invites brands, supply chain partners, artists, academicians, NGOs, and individuals passionate about responsible fashion, and forges innovative and meaningful partnerships at their two events hosted biannually with a vision of a better tomorrow of denim.

The D-Day

On January 23, 2024, the SpaceD event unfolded in New York which became a focal point for denim enthusiasts, industry experts, and innovators. Notably, HMS Washing received an exclusive invitation to SpaceD that marked a special collaboration between two industry leaders. They welcomed us with open arms, creating an ambience which felt like home. The inclusive environment fostered good connections and made the SpaceD event a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

The HMS Showcase

We alongside other innovators partnered with Soorty and had a dedicated table at the event. The presentation included showcasing the Hand Made Stones (HMS) along with the HMS Pen, accompanied by an informative video detailing the innovative process.

Insights into Soorty’s Innovations

The event provided a platform to witness and learn about various innovations by Soorty Enterprises. HMS Washing also contributed to the vibrant atmosphere and narrated the HMS story.

Trends Unveiled by Miles Johnson, Creative Director

Miles Johnson, ex-designer at Levi’s, shared insights into the trends they are following for their upcoming collection. This insider perspective offered a glimpse into the future of denim fashion and the industry’s evolving landscape.

Workshop Extravaganza: “Wear Your Art”

Our workshop featuring the HMS Designer Pen unfolded in full bloom. The participants, including fashion students, teachers, and representatives from various brands, created unique patterns on denim bags designed by Soorty using high-quality fabric. The motto of the event, “Wear Your Art”, emphasized the personalization aspect. In essence, it was about enabling everyone to express their creativity by wearing the bags adorned with their own artistic designs! The event was a resounding success, characterized by joy, fun, and a refreshing atmosphere.

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The HMS Signature Products: HMS Original and HMS Light

HMS Original

HMS Original is a composite stone crafted from recyclable materials, making the stone washing process eco-friendly. Its use in denim washing gives a unique vintage appearance with impressive efficiency.

Key Features of HMS Original

Exceptional Durability

With only 12-16 grams reduced per garment in a 60-minute process, HMS lasts for 60 to 100 hours, eliminating frequent stone changes and simplifying denim washing.

No Residue

Unlike traditional methods, HMS leaves no dust on garments, avoiding rinsing. If rinsing is necessary, one rinse suffices, compared to the usual three with conventional but non-eco-friendly pumice stones.

Water Efficiency

Requiring 20% less water per load, HMS contributes to water conservation efforts.

Listing on EIM Tool

HMS is featured on the Environment Impact Measurement (EIM) tool, with a low impact rating for water and energy use.


HMS comes with different stone sizes catering to various fabrics and stonewash processes.

HMS Light

HMS Light is an effective solution when it comes to delicate fabrics.

Key Features of HMS Light

Lower Density

Apart from gentle treatment for delicate fabrics, the lower density also ensures sustainability in manufacturing.

Consistent Abrasiveness

Similar to its predecessor, HMS Original, HMS Light excels in maintaining porosity and consistent abrasiveness of delicate fabrics during washing.

Optimal Water Interaction

HMS Light facilitates optimal water interaction in the finishing process which guarantees even treatment, preventing uneven or patchy results.

Unique Hues

The distinct hue of HMS Light simplifies material identification in busy manufacturing environments.

Indigo Abrasion

An unexpected feature of HMS Light is its ability to expedite indigo abrasion. In other words, it preserves the desired fading effect without compromising quality.

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On This Note

Let’s adopt HMS, embrace the best denim fashion, and most importantly, preserve our Earth!

And thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed reading the event! 😀

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is HMS?

Hand Made Stone (HMS) is a pioneer in sustainable denim washing. It is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pumice stones. This sets a new standard for sustainable denim processing by reducing water usage, leaving no residue, and showcasing exceptional durability.

What is HMS Designer Pen and how did it come to life?

The HMS Pen is a transformative DIY tool for denim enthusiasts. Originating from a visionary customer’s desire, it turns the fading process into a creative journey. The pen empowers users to design their fades, adding an extra layer to the timeless charm of denim.

What was the SpaceD Event, and what role did HMS Washing play in it?

SpaceD, Soorty’s creativity hub in Manhattan, hosted the SpaceD Event on January 23, 2024. It brought together denim enthusiasts and industry experts. HMS Washing showcased and presented its innovations, including the HMS Pen.

What was there in the workshop of the HMS Designer Pen?

The workshop, with the motto “Wear Your Art,” showcased the HMS Pen in action. Participants, including fashion students and industry representatives, created unique patterns on denim bags designed by Soorty using high-quality fabric.

Explain the motto “Wear Your Art”.

The motto “Wear Your Art” encapsulates the essence of the workshop featuring the HMS Designer Pen. It emphasizes the personalization aspect which means attendees had the opportunity to create unique patterns and turn the bags into wearable art pieces that reflect their individual artistic designs.

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