HMS Original

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Our signature product, HMS Original, is a composite stone that is made by recyclable products. HMS Original makes stone washing environmentally sustainable.

When used, HMS achieves a beautiful bright vintage look on denim with less water, less time, and less effort.

HMS Original Quick Facts

In a 60-min process, 12-16 grams of HMS is reduced per garment
HMS does not require rinsing after stonewash because it does not leave dust on the garments
HMS requires 20% less water per load since it does not soak up water
HMS is made up of recycled pumice dust and biodegradable components (The MSDS, TDS, and ZDHC reports are in the DOCUMENTS section)
HMS is listed on EIM. pumice stone will increase your EIM SCORE (e.g. your environmental impact) by 3 points while HMS will increase it by ZERO (0) POINTS. Take a look at it in our DOCUMENTS section.
HMS is customizable: Take a look at the different sizes of stones that we created based on our customers’ demands on the next page. Each size is best for different fabrics and different stonewash processes.
HMS gives better effects in less time than pumice.
The effect difference between pumice stone and HMS grows EXPONENTIALLY as you use them or prolong your wash cycles.

HMS Original & Pumice Stone comparison process

Trials should be done in the same type of sample washing machines
Prepare 5 pieces of garment or leg panels for each trial. Garments or leg panels’ sizes should be the same and they must be of the same fabric type
Spare 1 garment or leg panel and put the remaining four pieces in machines
Put 1 bucket of pumice stone (approx. 5 kg) in the first machine and 1 bucket of HMS (approx. 6.5 kg) in the second machine (volume of stones must be the same)
Fill HMS’s machine with 40, pumice’s machine with 50 liters of water (HMS needs 20% less water)
Set the machine speed to 25-28 cycles per minute, without steam, with cold temperature, and set the timer for 120 minutes
Take out 1 garment or leg panel from each machine every 30 minutes and mark stone type and time
After 120 minutes, you will have 5 samples from each stone trial (10 in total);
Raw + 30 + 60 + 120 minutes of pumice stone
Raw + 30 + 60 + 120 minutes of HMS
Iron all samples and compare time and effect accordingly

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