Denim, the evergreen fabric in the world of fashion, has long been associated with a significant carbon footprint due to traditional washing methods. The constant quest by HMS Washing for eco-friendly alternatives has led to the development of innovative solutions like HMS Original and HMS Light and as a result, a new era of sustainable denim washing ushered in.

On this note, let’s understand how HMS Original, our signature product, has added adjectives such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’ etc. to stone washing. Additionally, we shall also introduce you to HMS Light, a top-of-the-line solution designed to cater specifically to delicate fabrics.

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The Stars of Eco-Friendly Denim Washing

HMS Original: The Earthy King of Denim Washing

HMS Original is a composite stone crafted from recyclable products. It addresses the environmental concerns associated with traditional stone washing methods. Utilizing this in denim washing processes results in a distinctive bright vintage appearance, accomplished with remarkable efficiency. Unlike conventional methods, HMS achieves this aesthetic with significantly less water, time, and effort.

Some Facts About HMS Original

Exceptional Durability

In a 60-minute process, a mere 12-16 grams of HMS is reduced per garment. In other words, HMS lasts for 60 to 100 hours! This eliminates frequent stone changes and simplifies denim washing.

No Residue

Unlike traditional methods, HMS does not leave dust on garments, eliminating the need for rinsing. Even if the rinsing is needed, one rinse is more than enough as compared to the usual three rinses in eco-unfriendly pumice stones.

Water Efficiency

HMS requires 20% less water per load. This effectively contributes to water conservation efforts.

Environment-Friendly Composition

HMS is composed of recycled pumice dust and biodegradable components. This is what makes it environment-loving.

Listing on Environment Impact Measurement (EIM) Tool

HMS maintains its commitment to transparency by being featured on the Environment Impact Measurement (EIM) tool. This tool evaluates environmental effects in areas such as water and energy use, chemical product utilization, and employee well-being. Remarkably, 100% of the HMS collection has received a low impact rating.

Customizability for Varied Requirements

HMS goes beyond standardization and offers customization based on customer demands. Different stone sizes cater to various fabrics and stonewash processes, providing optimal results for each unique requirement.

Exponential Efficiency Gains

The efficiency gap between traditional pumice stone and HMS widens exponentially with prolonged use and extended wash cycles. This makes HMS Original a superior choice for achieving desired denim finishes with minimal environmental impact.


HMS Light: Delicate Fabric Care

In the domain of intricate denim manufacturing, delicate fabrics present a unique challenge. HMS Light is an effective solution crafted specifically for delicate fabrics.

Some Standout Features of HMS Light

Lower Density

Its lower density provides gentle treatment to delicate fabrics. This property also ticks the sustainability goals of modern manufacturing.

Consistent Abrasiveness

Delicate fabrics often lose their inherent qualities during traditional washing. HMS Light, akin to its predecessor HMS Original, excels in maintaining porosity and consistent abrasiveness.

Optimal Water Interaction

Like traditional pumice stones, HMS Light possesses buoyant qualities essential for optimal water interaction during the finishing process. This ensures even treatment, preventing uneven or patchy results.

Easy Identification With Unique Hues

The distinctive hue of HMS Light simplifies material identification in busy manufacturing environments and reduces the risk of mix-ups.

Indigo Abrasion

A surprising feature of HMS Light is its ability to accelerate indigo abrasion. For manufacturers working with indigo-dyed fabrics, this saves their time without compromising the desired fading effect.


Summary & Conclusion

The introduction of HMS Original and HMS Light marks a transformative chapter in the intricate world of denim washing. The traditional methods of denim washing are giving way to innovative solutions that not only meet the demands of fashion but also champion sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As we reflect on the unique attributes of HMS Original and HMS Light, it becomes evident that these products aren’t just about changing the way denim looks; they are catalysts for a more conscientious and efficient manufacturing process.

HMS Original’s prowess in achieving a vintage look with minimal resources sets a new standard for eco-friendly stonewashing. Its customizable nature and exponential efficiency gains over traditional methods underscore its position as a trailblazer in sustainable denim finishing.

On the other hand, HMS Light steps into the spotlight, offering a specialized solution for delicate fabrics. Its lower density, consistent abrasiveness, and surprising ability to accelerate indigo abrasion make it the go-to choice for manufacturers aiming to balance environmental concerns with the intricate demands of delicate textiles.

As we conclude our discussion, the shift toward HMS is more than a trend; it’s a strategic move toward a future where denim manufacturing thrives on the principles of fabric care, sustainability, time efficiency, and streamlined operations.


Last But Not Least

Embrace the future of green denim washing by incorporating HMS into your manufacturing process. Join the community of forward-thinking manufacturers committed to quality, sustainability, and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does HMS contribute to eco-friendly denim washing?

HMS, a composite stone made from recyclable products, achieves a distinctive vintage appearance with significantly less water, time, and effort compared to traditional stone washing. It addresses environmental concerns associated with conventional methods and stands out for its exceptional durability, no residue, water efficiency, and environment-friendly composition.

What makes HMS Original stand out in terms of sustainability?

HMS Original stands out for its sustainability with exceptional durability, requiring only 12-16 grams per garment in a 60-minute process. It eliminates frequent stone changes, leaves no dust on garments, requires 20% less water per load, and boasts a composition of recycled pumice dust and biodegradable components.

Can HMS Original be customized for specific denim washing requirements?

Yes, HMS Original goes beyond standardization by offering customization based on customer demands. Different stone sizes cater to various fabrics and stonewash processes that provide optimal results for each unique requirement.

What is the unique role of HMS Light in denim manufacturing, especially with delicate fabrics?

HMS Light is designed specifically for delicate fabrics, offering a lower density for gentle treatment, consistent abrasiveness to maintain porous features, optimal water interaction, and a distinctive hue for easy identification. It excels in handling intricacies without compromising sustainability goals.

What is the significance of HMS maintaining a listing on the Environment Impact Measurement (EIM) tool?

HMS’s inclusion in the Environment Impact Measurement (EIM) tool signifies its commitment to the environment. This tool evaluates environmental effects, including water and energy use, chemical product utilization, and employee well-being. With 100% of the HMS collection receiving a low impact rating, this listing reinforces its dedication to sustainability and responsible denim washing.

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