In the fashion world, trends come and go, but one style that has stood the test of time and continues to captivate denim enthusiasts is distressed denim. With its rugged, worn-in look, distressed denim exudes a unique vintage appeal that has sparked a high demand in the market, surpassing any other kind of a wash.


Sustainability in denim industry


Distressed denim is able to effortlessly blend a sense of history and character into every pair of sustainable jeans. The art of distressing involves carefully crafting deliberate wear and tear, giving the denim an authentically worn appearance. 


From subtle fading and frayed edges to strategically placed rips and patches, each distressed detail tells its own story.


The charm of distressed denim lies in its versatility. Whether aiming for a casual, laid-back vibe or seeking a bold, edgy statement, distressed stonewashed jeans effortlessly elevate any outfit. They add an element of effortless coolness and an instant touch of individuality. No two pairs of distressed jeans are alike, making each a unique fashion statement.

Beyond its undeniable style, distressed denim has also become a symbol of sustainability in denim industry and ethical fashion. By repurposing and revitalizing stonewashed jeans through the distressing process, the demand for new, resource-intensive production is reduced. 


This aligns with the growing consumer consciousness towards eco-friendly choices and reduces the fashion industry’s environmental impact.


The high demand for distressed denim has led to an array of options in the market. Everyone incorporates distressed styles into their collections, from major fashion brands to local designers. This trend has transcended traditional blue denim finishes with distressed variations available in various colors, washes, and cuts.


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Moreover, the popularity of distressed denim extends far beyond casual wear. It has made its way into high fashion, with renowned designers showcasing distressed jeans on runways and celebrities effortlessly rocking distressed denim in red carpet-appearances. This trend has genuinely become a timeless fashion staple.


So, distressed denim is the go-to choice whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or a denim lover seeking a touch of vintage allure. With its unrivaled ability to fuse style, sustainability, and individuality, it’s no wonder why distressed denim continues to reign supreme in the market.


Express your unique style, and choose a sustainable fashion with distressed denim. 


Join the movement and let your distressed jeans tell your fashion story like no other wash can!


HMS-washed denim jeans


In the world of denim, a sustainable jean wash revolution is underway, and one company is leading the charge with their innovative approach. Baytech is a Turkish-based company driven by a desire to combat the negative impacts of climate change while revolutionizing the denim industry.


Click here to meet the team.


HMS, which stands for Hand Made Stone, offers a game-changing alternative to traditional pumice-stonewash applications and Stonewash enzyme. Traditional pumice stones often lead to environmental and worker-related issues, requiring frequent replacements and producing pollutive sludge. HMS sets out to change that.

Using a blend of pumice dust and biodegradable polymers, HMS creates recyclable stones that are not only eco-friendly but also offer a vintage-inspired aesthetic that denim enthusiasts crave. 


The benefits go beyond aesthetics; alternatives to pumice reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and optimize the utilization of natural resources.


Green EIM score

One of the critical advantages of HMS is its compatibility with existing technologies, allowing denim makers to seamlessly integrate the sustainable jean wash process into their current practices. Moreover, HMS has been proven to improve Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM scores), a crucial factor in the denim industry’s pursuit of sustainability. While traditional pumice stones and synthetic alternatives rank poorly, HMS stones shine in the green range.


Click here to learn more about jeonologia EIM scores


Beyond just sustainable denim washing

The impact of HMS goes beyond sustainability. It also offers practical benefits, such as reducing water usage by 20% per load compared to traditional pumice methods. 


See this video.


HMS makes waves in the denim world with shorter processing times and authentic vintage finishes.


The success of HMS has been evident as it has garnered a prestigious client base, including renowned denim leaders like Italian Laundry Everest. However, Baykan’s vision extends beyond denim; 

We also see the potential for HMS in non-denim applications. 


The actual advantages of HMS become apparent when used on a large scale.


The denim industry is embracing sustainable practices without compromising style. The vintage appeal of denim meets the power of innovation, paving the way for a more eco-conscious future. We take a step closer to a greener world with each pair of jeans produced using HMS.


Mining? Not with HMS! Our process reduces mining’s impact to a perfect zero.


Your stone shipments decrease by a mind-blowing 98%. 


With HMS, factories require around 98% less space compared to conventional alternatives. Hence, more room for creativity and less clutter in your production line.


HMS works like a charm with cold water. No wasted energy on heating water, so you can enjoy sustainable fashion without draining resources.


You won’t have to deal with sludge like you would with pumice. Our process keeps your wastewater systems cleaner and healthier than ever before.


HMS doesn’t compromise the strength of the garments. You get beautiful fades without sacrificing the durability of your denim.


Click here to learn more about HMS by Baytech and their groundbreaking sustainable denim washing process.


Let’s redefine denim with a blend of style, sustainability, and innovation. Say yes to a greener, more efficient future with our innovative HMS process.

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