Demand has created an industry worth $90 billion in 2019 which is expected to further increase to $105 billion by 2023, i.e., the Denim Industry. Denim has traversed all cultures, backgrounds, classes, and ages to become an item of clothing owned by everyone.

The process of manufacturing Denim begins with growing cotton. In order to grow conventional cotton pesticides, and fertilisers are used which can be deadly to farmers, and the land. According to NIH Statistics about 1 million people die from pesticide exposure, and ingestion. In order to produce 1 pair of jeans from conventional cotton as much as 7000 liters of water is used. According to Earth Diva’s Blog, the Levi’s denim plant in El Paso, Texas used about 15% of the city’s water supply.

Post this there is a need to wash Denim. During the Denim washing process Pumice is popularly used, but it is an unsustainable product, because Pumice stones need to be mined, and shipped to various different brands all over the world causing huge Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and environmental damage through mining activities. Furthermore, to weather the Denim a pumice stone is broken down releasing large chunks of pumice dust which causes air pollution.

Then to create the blue colour of Denim harmful dyes containing toxins are added to the cloth, and these dyes cause negative health effects on the factory workers, and if they end up in local waterways can pollute them.

Hence, the Denim Industry currently employs numerous unsustainable practices which need to be overcome for which a large number of brands are taking initiative such as Levi’s (the favourite Denim brand in the US) adopting a water less fabric collection to reduce their water consumption by about 65% in fabric production, and 50% in fabric finishing, Patagonia has committed to using 100% organic cotton fabrics in all its products, etc.

HandMadeStone (HMS) is an emerging brand that has taken upon itself to move towards a more sustainable Denim Industry by replacing Pumice Stones in Denim Washing with Hand Made Stones which are made from Pumice Dust, and biodegradable materials making it environmentally sustainable, and more effective than Pumice Stones as Hand

Made Stones require 20% less water per load than Pumice Stones since they don’t soak water, and take up less time. Denim washing with Hand Made Stones also manages produces beautiful vintage looks, and fades preferred by consumers, so the appearances aren’t compromised upon.




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