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The People Behind the Sustainable Denim Magic

We Are Here to Make Your Denim Washing Processes Perfect in Every Sustainable Denim Wash Way

Yavuz Baykan – Yavuz Baykan is a visionary inventor and entrepreneur with a distinguished 30-year career in the denim industry. His PhD in Agricultural Engineering from Ankara University has instilled in him a deep understanding and care for the environment. Leveraging this knowledge, he led the development of HMS, a revolutionary denim washing stone that significantly reduces water, energy, and chemical usage.

As the CTO of Baytech Sustainable Technologies, Mr. Baykan has been instrumental in driving the company to global recognition. He has consistently introduced innovative ideas, taught others, and contributed to scholarly discussions. HMS, the product of five years of research and development and three years of patent approval, is now widely embraced globally, reducing the environmental impact of the denim industry.

Looking forward, Mr. Baykan envisions HMS as the standard for denim-washing stones worldwide. He remains committed to pioneering new sustainable solutions for the denim industry and is passionate about educating others on sustainable denim washing practices. Renowned for his love of teaching, he has mentored and educated a workforce of 1,000-1,500 individuals within the companies he has managed, earning the respect of his colleagues and peers as a cherished and influential teacher.

Beyza Baykan – Beyza Baykan is an entrepreneur with a background in Applied and Computational Mathematics and International Relations from the University of Southern California. She is the founder of HMS, a sustainable denim washing stone company that prioritizes environmentally friendly solutions for the denim industry.

With prior experience at the World Bank, Beyza has a deep understanding of global development issues and a strong commitment to making a significant impact. Combining her expertise in international relations with a passion for sustainability and women’s empowerment, she advocates for transparency and circularity in the fashion industry, specifically championing women in denim.
Looking ahead, Beyza aims to expand HMS into a global brand, leading the way in sustainable practices for denim production. She is also dedicated to establishing a non-profit organization that promotes an environment-over-profits mentality within the fashion industry, driving her mission to create a positive global impact.

Ayse Baykan – Ayşe Baykan was born in 1977 in Kayseri. Graduating with a nursing degree from Istanbul University, she developed a deep interest in human psychology and psychotherapy during her health education. Over the years, Ayşe has actively participated in numerous training programs and seminars on these subjects. With a diverse professional background, including roles in both human resources and the health sector of a private firm, she has honed her multitasking abilities.
In 2015, Ayşe successfully completed Positive Psychotherapy training at IŞIK UNIVERSITY/ISTANBUL, earning an instructor certificate. Subsequently, in 2016, she obtained the title of ‘Family Counselor’ following an educational program in Ankara. Her journey as an operating room nurse, progressing to an Educator at a private hospital, enabled her to provide comprehensive training on various topics, including personal development, self-awareness, and environmental health.
Joining BAYTECH FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY in 2020, Ayşe has found immense excitement in contributing to the production of HMS, which promotes environmental health, conserves natural resources and energy, and ensures a mud-free washing process during garment production. With a passion for creating eco-friendly products that benefit the environment and humanity, Ayşe continues to make valuable contributions to the field.