Today, the pumice stone used in the denim industry quickly melts and gets muddy during the stone washing process. This situation causes excessive amounts of stone consumption and prevents the denim production process to be environmentally sustainable. As the widely-used natural pumice stone quickly diminishes in size during stone washing, the residue of the pumice stone accumulates in wastewater systems and consequently contaminates our natural resources. The residue of pumice stone produced during the stone washing process is not only harmful to the environment but also counterproductive as the disposal of the pumice stone residual costs too much time and money.

The HandMade Stone (HMS), is developed in order to eliminate all the disadvantages created by the use of pumice stone in the stone washing process. As a composite stone that is made by recyclable products, the HMS makes stone washing environmentally sustainable.

The environmentally-friendly HMS is extremely durable, recyclable, and leaves much less residue than the pumice stone. The use of HMS prevents the excessive use of natural pumice stone resources, is cost-effective, and its durability is beneficial for the textile industry. The HMS’s physical appearance and effect on the denim products are strikingly similar to that of the pumice stone. Moreover, the HMS can be used many times unlike the pumice stone; a feature that is going to make the HMS an essential component of the denim production process. The environmentally sustainable, durable, and cost-effective HMS is soon going to be the shining star of the denim industry. (my movies)