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Baytech Sustainable Technologies:
Pioneering Eco-Friendly Denim Innovation

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Denim Industry

At Baytech Sustainable Technologies, our journey intertwines a rich heritage in Turkey’s denim trade with groundbreaking sustainable solutions. Founded by the visionary Yavuz Baykan, an agricultural engineer with three decades of industry experience, our company has become a cornerstone in the global denim industry.

Our Roots and Vision

Our story began in 2019 in Lüleburgaz, nestled in Turkey’s picturesque Kırklareli district. Here, Beyza Baykan, a USC graduate with a deep commitment to sustainable practices and women’s empowerment in the fashion industry, launched the revolutionary Hand Made Stone (HMS) brand. This innovative brand, an offshoot of Baytech, embodies our mission to mitigate the harmful impacts of traditional denim treatments on both workers and the environment.

Innovation at the Core

Our patented stone alternative to pumice, is a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly innovation. This invention not only revolutionizes traditional pumice-stonewash applications but also introduces innovative methods like the Pen for creating whiskers on jeans. Our commitment extends beyond product development to encompass a broader vision of reducing the carbon footprint and water usage in fabric treatments, thereby supporting the eco-friendly fashion industry.

Global Reach and Recognition

With our roots firmly planted in Turkey, HMS has blossomed into a brand with a global footprint. You can find us at denim events worldwide, where we showcase our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative denim solutions.

Our Commitment to the Future

At Baytech Sustainable Technologies, we are more than just a denim company; we are a family committed to making a positive impact on the planet. Our journey continues as we pioneer new sustainable solutions, educate future generations, and strive to set a new standard in eco-friendly denim production. Join us in our mission to weave a better future for our world, one denim garment at a time.